Things That Make Artificial Grass To Look Real

Gone are the days where someone would see that artificial turf Perth is fake from miles away. Nowadays, homeowners can be assured that synthetic grass can look just like the real deal. Some synthetic grass even looks better than real grass. If you pay high water bills or you are concerned about drought, then the best solution is to buy artificial grass. Here is how synthetic grass can look like real grass.

A variety of colours

Grass that grows well in your area might not be common in other areas. For this reason, artificial grass comes in different styles and colours. If you like Bermuda grass then it is possible to replicate in your artificial lawn with other options. Grass blades come in different colours too. If the lawns of your neighbours have yellow-green grass, then you can contact any artificial grass supplier to install for you grass that looks exactly the same as your neighbours’ grass. This way, no one will know that your grass is fake.

The Smell

Some people hesitate to replace their real grass with synthetic grass because they like the way real grass smells especially after mowing. It might conjure up some memories of having a lovely time outdoors during childhood, but research shows that the smell of fresh grass can relieve stress. You can buy sprays that smell like fresh cut grass and pray it on your synthetic grass.

Blade Shape

The shape of your artificial turf Perth blades determines how light reflects off the blades and contributes to the overall look of your grass. For instance, people living in sunny areas may choose different shapes of grass blade than people living in the coastal fog. Flat blades reflect light in a way to create a consistently shiny look that is typically associated with artificial grass. M-shaped blades reflect light in all directions to create a natural look.